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Stubble Cartridge Pack of Four - Blue

Stubble Cartridge Pack of Four - Blue

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Meet our first razor! In oh so cool baby blue, this razor looks great in the bathroom, your toiletries bag or whatever adventures you take it on. With a five blade razor for a super close shave, silicone grip to stop it slipping and weighted for a more precise shave, we reckon this razor will be the last you buy!

How it works

1. Choose how often you want to receive your cartridges

2. Add to cart and purchase

3. Simple as that - your razor starter pack will be shipped immediately and your 4 pack razor cartridge replacements will be shipped on your chosen interval

4. Skip, cancel or edit your subscription frequency at any time in your account! Cartridge 4 packs are only $16 including shipping!


Your starter pack will be shipped in 1-3 working days via Australia Post. Australia Post standard shipping takes 5-7 business days but may take slightly more for remote areas.

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How it works

1. Choose your Subscription

Add a $29.95 starter pack to your cart and your subscription - choose to receive your replacement cartridges ever one, two or three months.


That's it - you'll receive your starter pack in the mail and then we'll debit your account for $16 just before we send your cartridges on subscription in the intervals you've chosen.


You're not locked into any contracts so if you want to skip, or cancel your subscription? No worries, just log into your account and you can manage it from there.

  • Stubble Shave | Recycable


    Our aim is to reduce single use plastic - our handles are reusable, our cartridges are recyclable and our packaging is all recyclable or compostable!

  • Stubble Shave | Love


    It's your body hair, so it's your choice! We've designed a range of subscriptions to whether you're a regular shaver, or prefer to shave less, theres an option for you!

  • Stubble Shave | Donations


    It's important for us to give back to the causes we're passionate about! For every starter pack order, we give $1 to charity - and you get to choose which one!

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Do you ship to New Zealand or any countries outside of Australia?

We do ship to New Zealand! And even better, it's totally FREE!

We currently only offer Stubble Shave subscriptions in Australia and New Zealand. We are working hard to be able to expand into other countries! Drop us an email at if you want to see Stubble Shave in your country!

Can I pause, cancel or skip my subscription?

Of course you can - Stubble Shave subscriptions are designed to work and evolve with you and your life! In your account you can skip or cancel your delivery up to a week before your next shipment date.
We suggest skipping your subscription if you have a few too many blades spare or are reducing the amount you shave slightly! Skipping will mean you are not charged for and sent your next delivery, and will pick right up on your following delivery.

If you decide Stubble is no longer for you, you can cancel your subscription altogether!

Can I change the frequency of my subscription?

Of course! Change the frequency between on 1 month, 2 month or 3 month subscription options in your account. Changes made less than a week before your subscription date will be taken into account for the following subscription.

How do I trust you're sustainable?

We've highlighted our sustainability policyHERE. You can read through all the elements of our business that we have made fully sustainable, and those that we are working on!

Is it just for women?

No - absolutely not! We’re a firm believer in if a product works for you, then use it regardless of gender! However, when designing Stubble Shave we wanted to solve problems that those who identify as female (us, our family, friends and colleagues) face when looking for shave solutions, hence our branding being slightly more geared towards women in general! If you don’t identify as female and think Stubble looks like the shave system for you, we strongly encourage you to give it a go - and we’d love to hear your feedback!