At Stubble, our main goal is to make shaving EASY and even a lil bit fun! Our subscriptions mean your products arrive at your door just when you need them, and our sustainability pledge means you can be sure your shopping from a company really trying to make change!


Buy a starter pack and choose your subscription frequency! Do you want to receive yourfour cartridge refill pack ($16)every 1, 2 or 3 months? We recommend 1 month for those who shave daily or every other day, 2 months for those that shave once a week, and 3 months for those that shave a couple of times a month or shave smaller areas only!


You literally do not need to do anything else! Your razor starter pack will be shipped to you, and then your cartridges will be sentout every one, two or three monthsdepending on your subscription choice! Shipping of the starter pack AND every cartridge subscription is free, so no nasty extra charges! AND no more shaving with blunt razors cos you forgot at the grocery store!


And the best bit? You'renot locked into any contracts and can skip or cancel your subscription anytime! Don't need razors one month, or heading away from home for a bit? No worries, just skip your subscription as and when you need! You can manage this oh so easily in your account!