Stubble Shave - Meet Stubble!

We're so excited to be launching  Stubble Shave -  a Shave subscription for women, with sustainability at its heart! We offer a starter pack with a stylish reusable handle, then deliver cartridge replacements in 1, 2 or 3 month subscriptions. Our starter pack is $29.95 and the refills are $16 - and the best bit? Shipping is included! 

Here's a few reasons why Stubble is awesome:  

Our best price, always! We don’t do sales, coupons or discounts! Why? Because we’ve worked hard to get our prices as low as we can, so as many people as possible can enjoy a stubble subscription! Our everyday price is our best price - always!
Inclusivity: Your hair, your rules! It’s your hair and your body, and at stubble we’re firm believers that you should shave as much or a little as you like! The best shave is whatever feels right for you! Whether its a special occasion shave or an everyday activity we’ve set up our subscriptions so you can shave as much or as little as you like!
Great products designed for women, that work! Shaving shouldn’t be a chore, nor should it leave you feeling rough or sore! (We’re poets and we didn’t know it!) Our razors are designed to follow the curves of your body, with an easy grip function that allows utmost control and with a five blade cartridge that gives a seriously close shave and leaves skin feeling soft and never sore! Our subscription service takes one more chore off your monthly errand list - your new blades arrive monthly in the post, hassle free!
We're helping make the world a better place, one shave at a time! We want to help you say bye to your one time use razor and hi to a more planet friendly way to shave- the handle is reusable and our cartridges, packaging and everything we use to post is fully recyclable! We also give $1 from every starter pack sold to a planet friendly charity through i=change (and YOU get to choose at checkout!) Find out more here.
It’s pretty! We believe the women’s razor is looong due an upgrade - and with Stubble we’ve done just that! Our first razor is sleek, in a gorgeous light periwinkle blue, and looks great in your bathroom! 


Join the Shave Revolution today, get started here


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