4 Easy Sustainable Bathroom Swaps

Made a New Years resolution to be more sustainable? Or looking for some easy planet friendly switches? Here’s some easy yet permanent ways to reduce the amount of waste and single use plastic you’re contributing!
  1. Swap single use cotton rounds or make up wipes for reusable washable ones! We love the Garnier or Face Halo options that are available in most supermarkets and chemists and they work just as well, if not better than the single use options. With 7.6 billion pounds of wipes thrown into landfill this year, this change is not only seriously environmentally friendly, but actually lighter on the wallet too!

  2. Our very own Razor, Stubble, is designed to switch out single use razors or cheap reusable plastic options that never really last that long! Our beautiful metal handle is high quality and will last ages as well as looking great in the bathroom! The Cartridges are delivered to you on a subscription, and are recycled through Australia Terracycle Shave Recycled program.

  3. Instead of buying a new plastic hand wash every time you run out, why not buy a beautiful glass or ceramic bottle and and just refill it every time! There’s so many amazing options out there and plenty of refills available at the supermarket.

  4. Our big change of 2021? Buying bamboo toothbrushes, made out compostable bamboo materials and getting rid of plastic ones, which contribute to the 3.5 billion toothbrushes that we throw away each year, every single one taking over 500 years to break down! The bamboo handles is much more sustainable to produce and can be composted or even reused (they make great plant markers for the green fingered among us!)

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